Monday, December 19, 2011

Hidden Jewel

A few weeks ago my dad and I were just roaming around and I saw a sign that said "Vintage Clothes" and I immediately made him pull over. It was a fun raiser for a local school that allowed people to come sell their clothes, art work, jewelry, shoes, food, pretty much anything and everything. I was going booth to booth and the prices they were asking for were way to high for what I was looking to spend. However just as I was about to give up I came across a booth that was cluttered filled with costume jewelry and old bags. The first thing I spotted was the jewels on this necklace and pulled it from the clutter. I saw this beautiful collar necklace that needed some repairing. I turned to the lady and asked "how much?" She said five dollars, and I said "great I'll take it!" Just that fast that I had found this jewel, I had purchased and paid for it. Just goes to show you that you can find amazing things even in the most oddest places, or not so put together places.

 I connected some loose ends of the loop rings, washed it a bit up and added a lobster clasp to the necklace.

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  1. Really nice!
    Happy 2012!