Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vintage items always a good find!

So yesterday I decided to take a look at my local Goodwill store. Any second hand stores are always a great place to find affordable pieces that are in style. I love going stopping by Goodwill at least once a week just to see what I can find, because honestly you never know! I have been looking for some vintage style frames and unique items to decorate my room with. I was searching on eBay but the price of shipping was more than some of the items, just wasn't was I was looking to spend. I stopped by Goodwill and to my surprise I found several great gems. There is another mantel piece I had found that I am going to create into a necklace hanger, keep a secret until completed! Well enjoy!


  1. My name is Kristina Michelle, too! So crazy...most girls I meet spell their name with a "Ch" at the beginning. And I love these images...that glass piece at the top is amazing! =)
    Kristina J.

  2. Oh that is so awesome! I haven't met a Kristina Michelle before. Yeah I definitely found some great finds that's for sure!